Blockpact Capital invests in PolkaCipher

Blockpact Capital
1 min readMay 17, 2021

Blockpact Capital is proud to announce the latest addition to our portfolio!
PolkaCipher is a Cross-chain Oracle focused on NFT privacy for businesses, community governance, multichain interoperability, and on-chain DeFi Apps.

PolkaCipher is a cross-chain privacy-preserving project based on the Polkadot ecosystem. Their primary aim is to expand the applications of NFTs & DeFi and their use case in a business setting and also increase the reach of Web3 applications in the blockchain economy via seamless integration to their project, privately.
They intend to bridge the gap between off-chain internet economy and on-chain blockchain decentralized application, using PolkaCipher that relies on verified vendors to provide accurate and trusted data.

Despite the recent explosion of the NFT industry, it is still in its nascency. We at Blockpact Capital believe NFTs have far wider-reaching potential than what it currently is. Bringing applications of NFTs and DeFi to traditional businesses could possibly change the game, and we’re here to support this.


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