Blockpact Capital invests in Sigmadex

Blockpact Capital
1 min readAug 7, 2021


Blockpact Capital is proud to announce the latest addition to our portfolio!
Sigmadex is a self-stabilizing, community-driven, and game theory-enhanced liquidity protocol.

At its core, Sigmadex aims to be the pioneer of next-gen Decentralised Exchanges (or DEXs). Building to solve problems faced by today’s exchanges, like, liquidity, slippage, latency, centralization, KYC, and exploits, Sigmadex is bound to find huge success with the widespread adoption of DeFi and Crypto as a whole.
To solve for the above issues, Sigmadex incentivizes users to add liquidity using game theory, uses their Sigma Risk Index to regulate over-collatelarization, and allows the protocol to be governed by the community to mitigate risk.

With strong backers and a great team leading the way, we are confident that Sigmadex will be one of the top exchanges in crypto in the very near future and we at Blockpact Capital are proud to be part of the journey!


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